Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Namimori Trio Shoot from Anime North 2014

Old fandom is old, but we learned its far from dead. We got such a fun reaction to these from people remembering such a fun series! 10 years in this fandom and I still love it. Can’t wait to do some more Reborn cosplays soon.

We tried to represent every pairing between the three of them cause let’s face it, its so easy to ship any form of the three of them <3

Photography by: weaselkings.tumblr.com

Tsuna: ainsil.tumblr.com
Gokudera: karanomori.tumblr.com
Yamamoto: xneverconformx.tumblr.com


Anime North Sunday was Free! Day.

We did these costumes on Sunday, but Friday morning we were up early doing a photoshoot in the Hotel pool at 8:00am. It was more fun then it should have been~ This is mostly a teaser photoshoot, when the weather gets warmer we are doing an outdoor / underwater shoot back home in Ottawa. 

We proved though our wigs can survive the water, we had to hang them all out in the closet to dry though. 

Haru: wonderlandstrash.tumblr.com

Makoto: http://weaselkings.tumblr.com/

Rei: glasscageproject.tumblr.com

Nagisa: xneverconformx.tumblr.com


Part 2 Anime North Photos

I was Nanami and glasscageproject was Hinata! Thank you so much for the adorable picture ;w; 


Series I took photos from listed under the read more! 

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But I can’t compete, with a she-wolf who has brought me to my knees. What do you see in those yellow eyes? Cause I’m falling to pieces. 

Annie and Armin - Little Red Riding Hood.
I can’t remember entirely how this idea came to fruition but we’ve been planning it for quite some time, I am pretty sure it came from the hood lift and it just stuck with us.

The location was one of the trails in Gatineau Park, in Gatineau Quebec. It was absolutely freezing that day, I am so surprised none of us ended up with frostbite, we came pretty close. It was a perfect light snow that made the crispness of these photos even better. I love how it turned out, and I hope you like it too.

Annie - xneverconformx 
Armin - weaselkings 
Photography by - laikachi

See more on - https://www.facebook.com/ForeverYoungCosplay


Ganime… A convention told through Selfies 

…. and a con told through, my eyes having such a bad reaction make up didnt stay on my face (( and my eye as Junko is so red lmao))


We didn’t get any proper pictures from G-anime as Sakura and Mirai this January, we had to be in and out of panels so fast and then changing into Gatchaman crowds,

I did find these on cellphones though <3 We are gonna do a proper shoot eventually, so for now, some random selfies time

Sorry for all the ooc

Sakura: xneverconformx

Mirai: ojiogouji


SO this is how I spent my day today. THIS WIG WAS A PAIN AND A HALF TO STYLE OMFG. It used to be super flippy, I took no photos of that tho oops. 

So heeeeeeey upcoming Nile cosplay. HHHHHOOLLA.


Gotham City Sirens - 2013

Poison Ivy: Minieggsplat.tumblr.com

Harley Quinn: xneverconformx.tumblr.com

Catwoman: RubyandJade.tumblr.com

Costuming - xneverconformx.tumblr.com

Photography - weaselkings.tumblr.com

Debuted at: Naru2U - Ottawa, Canada

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Candy-Royal-Cosplay/1437951326430453

On Deviant art: http://xneverconformx.deviantart.com/art/Union-411550535


wip pics of my armin cosplay HUAHAH! my contacts arrived today, happy happy day